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Hi, Mary Lyn again,

…and so glad you’re here because it means you’ve scheduled your Purpose-Passion-Freedom Strategy Call.
I’m excited because I’m going to show you the step- by- step process to living the fully Passionate, Purposeful life you deserve after all your years of hard work.
Whether you are thinking about what your next chapter of life is going to look like in 1-2 years or you’re already there – or you’ve been there for a while and it’s not as rewarding as you thought, this call can show you the way. What I’ve heard from my clients is that they want to be “re-inspired” in the next part of their lives.  They’ve told me that they know there’s lots of thing they can do, but just don’t know how to put it together in a lifestyle plan.  They’ve wondered how they can structure their days or weeks – should they work or not work?  How do they access forgotten passions after decades of focusing on other’s needs?  They really want a sense of purpose and direction.  Most importantly, they still need for their life to be relevant and meaningful.

If this sounds like you, relax, because this call will help you immediately see what you need to have in place, and in what order to do it in, and the clear blueprint of what you need to live your amazing next chapter!  It is NOT a financial plan – it is your LIFE plan.

What do you need to do?   SHOW UP FOR THE CALL!!  – of course, you will, very few of those who sign up miss it. But this can be life-changing, so please set aside the time to be present, (nothing that barks, climbs, or distracts us for this time we have together).  This is for you and your future.

Why me?  First off, I’ve spent the past 35 years coaching clients with my proven system to help high performing women like you make effective career and business transitions – from career to career, or career to business, or business to retirement, or retirement to new business or new careers.  The retirement model you and I have been taught is so outdated – I want you to know there are a lot of possibilities.  And, everyone needs support, direction, and a process to follow.

So, I cannot wait to begin to start sharing some of it with you!

You will leave the call with some great new information.  But, for many, the key is community so if you want me to share it with you so that you do not have to do this all alone, I’m happy to do that, but it’s entirely up to you what you do with this information.

So, let’s take a revolutionary view of your life!  I am really looking forward to our call!  Talk very soon!

Rave Reviews:

Discovering New Choices
Mary Lyn’s approach has always been to discover what motivates ME. She has helped me unlock my passions at each stage of my life. While her exercises are universal; the answers are personal. The most important thing for me is to continue to live my passion whether or not I keep consulting or writing or teaching or engaging with community service. It’s just that, at this stage, my balance is different. Mary Lyn’s approach is enlightening, and the other people fostered by this community are so supportive. Mary Lyn is helping me create a more exciting and motivated future!
Vanessa Poster
Consultant, Author, Board of Directors Beach Cities Health District, Redondo Beach
Makes a big Difference
I’ve been focusing on retirement for the past couple of years now as I have been slowly letting go of my executive level position. Mary Lyn’s forward-thinking, insight, coaching and community support have given me the opportunity to make more exciting and profitable decisions than I would have ever made on my own. This has helped make me ready for my new life, and I am fired up!
Debi Primeau
CEO, Primeau Consulting Group, Mt. Vernon, Washington


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