The Women’s Retirement Revolution:

7 Secrets for High Performing Women to Live Passionately, Purposefully, and Free – for Life!

In this simple eye-opening e-book you will discover:

  • 7 Myths about women and retirement that keep women unnecessarily
    trapped during some of the best decades of their lives.
  • How to open the doors to new possibilities that are coming in all kinds of
  • Having the best next 25-35 years – (yes, women do need a plan because a
    lot of us are going to live a long time!)
  • How to connect long term money with lifelong purpose.
  • The top positions for “retired” women over 60 by US News and World
    Report, and how opportunities are growing every day.
  • Inspired introductions to real women who not only serve as role models,
    but also are living highly impactful lives well up until their 80’s and 90’s – one woman is 101!
  • And more!

Rave Reviews:

Mary Lyn’s approach is a lifesaver, and I regained my daring
When I started working with Mary Lyn, I was dissatisfied, mildly depressed and contemplating retiring as soon as I could because I didn’t really know what else to do.   Today I have more energy and motivation to stay at my current job longer, and I see far more financial options after I retire.  Meeting and sharing with the other women in the group was eye and soul opening; I felt heard, lifted, supported, and inspired.  Best of all, my new plan is helping me with my life before I leave, focusing more on fulfilling my personal life with fun and joy and regaining my daring to try new things and meet new people.  Highly recommend this approach!
Alcria Dominguez
Business Development Specialist, Los Angeles
This is just excellent!
The Women’s Retirement Revolution approach is just EXCELLENT!  I love the tone and spirit throughout!  It is positive, hopeful and inspiring for every woman anywhere near – or past – retirement. I am already using this approach as I plan my future.
Melissa Moore
Founder Moore Money Accounting & Business Management
Hi! I’m Mary Lyn Miller.

I am an author, coach, and founder of Fired Up for Success, and I have spent the past 3 decades helping clients become more successful and achieve their goals.

I noticed as they pondered retirement, they still had so much left to do; yet did not want to continue working like they had been.

During the Pandemic I began focusing on helping women with this very important transition.

While there was a lot of help with investing, there was very little to assist retiring women to emotionally shift into a new life.  Tapping into my 30+ years background as a career and business transition coach, not to mention my own experience, I found a group of women who helped me create a responsive and effective program which proved very successful. Some of those women remain a part of my community today still providing collaboration and support to each other in the new phase of their lives.

My other accomplishments include leaving corporate life as one of the first female executives in a Fortune 500 company, and then building a profitable coaching business that has affected the lives of thousands of clients. I was awarded “Redondo Beach Small Business of the Year” in 2018, written several books, survived 2 cancers, & raised a remarkable daughter.

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