The Fired Up for Success System

Are You in Transition? Trying to Find and Express Your Talents? Exploring New Business & Career Opportunities in a Changed World?

The complete system includes the three components shown below, which are also available individually.


Your Fire!

Your New Life & Beyond Plan.

To Your Spirit, Prosperity & Community.

Life is about zest and joy! If you’ve lost your energy (fire). this is the perfect way to clarify your innermost passions and design for success.

Our proprietary assessment (Core Essence™) will identify your unique personal formula for happiness, fulfillment and an abundant life as well as help you ignite a vision of living with confidence and ease – in any economy!

Core Essence™ has helped thousands of people over 30 years understand and reclaim their natural gifts and life purpose and transform them into amazing ventures and walks of life.


  • Core Essence™ Questionnaire
  • Personal Core Essence Description
  • Life-Line Assessment
  • 2.5 hours of personal coaching
  • 2 sessions of group coaching*


What you will receive:

  • Clear knowing of how you are naturally designed to succeed.
  • Understanding of what may be holding you back.
  • Strategic approach to moving you forward with next steps.
  • More excitement about your future with positive next steps. Yep, more fired up!


Answers the Question: “What should I be doing with my life?”

Do you relate?

Your Fire!


Your New Life & Beyond Plan.

To Your Spirit, Prosperity & Community.

Yes, you will need a new plan, and we will help you create it, develop strategies, and identify resources.

Did you know you can make a new plan at ANY age!?

We’ll look at who you are truly meant to be, what will make you jump-up-and-down happy, and then make a plan for it – whether you want to start a business, change careers or make the most of the next 20-30 years.

You will begin with a fresh vision of the life you want and start to explore the strategies that will be personally developed for you to accomplish your goals.


  • Creating your Magnetic Vision and related Plan.
  • Discovering the keys to living in alignment with your Core Essence and Magnetic Vision.
  • Exploring and releasing the limiting beliefs that block your achievement of living the life you truly desire!


You will:

  • Begin to feel you are headed in the right direction with more confidence that you have – or can get the tools – to get there.
  • Have a map of what you need to do so you will KNOW when you’re making the right decisions….and when they’re not right.
  • Feel more empowered to live life, make money, and have your livelihood on your own terms. Now, that could be exciting, right?!


Answers the question: “How am I going to get there?”

Sound like you?

Your Fire!

Your New Life & Beyond Plan.


To Your Spirit, Prosperity & Community.

Don’t wait for world events to calm down before you get excited about your life! Become a part of our close-knit growth community for support and resources.

It’s time to get fired up and enjoy your life and work.

But, you don’t have to do this alone. You need a place to connect and share safely (we’re big – I mean huge) advocates of confidentiality in our groups. Social media is certainly not safe, many networking groups are not safe, so where are you going to be able to share honestly and get the real feedback you need? We have created that container through a conscious group commitment that we have never heard has been broken.

We believe we have designed one of the more unique mastermind programs and we are so proud of it, there is a whole page to tell you more. Read more about our Mastermind program here.

You will have:

    • A place to discuss any and all concerns that may be blocking you from living the life you truly want to live.
    • Access to information, contacts and referrals through the community.
    • Accountability that will keep you focused and accountable for your commitments.
    • A sense of momentum combined with less fear because you can do it in small steps over a continuous period of time.

Answers the question: “Who’s going to help me achieve my goals?”

Does this sound like what you want?

Are you ready to get fired up?
How Has It worked?

here's what some say:


This blew me away as I began to realize my true life path and define strategies to actualize it. Through this process I began to grasp the Higher Purpose of my life and understand why I had been so stuck. When I joined a Fired Up Mastermind team, I had never been in business, but my life began to change right away as my team members helped me get my first client as a handywoman – an idea I would have never dreamed of on my own without the clarity I received in this. Within 3 months, I had clients and a business! It has blossomed into a wonderful rewarding livelihood and I am so grateful to Mary Lyn and Vanessa and the whole process for the life I have today!

Cass Reed, aka “Cass, the Fixit Lass”

Touchstone for my life

Mary Lyn’s guidance and her Core Essence™ process has been a touchstone for my life and business for over 25 years. She helped me transition from a sales career to becoming a Ph.D. psychotherapist and I now mentor other therapists. Fired Up is a community that encourages connections to every passion, and I have remained creative and musical all these years. This program has withstood aging and, in fact, I am experiencing some of my greatest accomplishments today and looking forward to some powerful new directions. I have also recommended this approach to a number of my clients who have also found it quite uplifting and valuable.

Virginia Green, Ph.D, Founder Stillwater Family Therapy, Certified Brene Brown Facilitator


Doing what you love can be terrifying, yet my connection with pets is so deep and profound, I decided to take the leap and create a career I love. The Fired Up path I chose included regular coaching with Mary Lyn and a monthly group meeting with like-minded professionals. This combination has saved me over and over. My self-confidence in this new career took root - and even during the pandemic, I never faltered; I just learned new ways to reach out. There is so much comfort in not being alone and exchanging ideas with bright experienced professionals as we move forward together. This is a wonderful community helping me to keep moving forward to a future I now believe is mine.

Jean Brusavich, owner, Tranquilpet


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