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Welcome to the Next Step Coaching System designed to Give You the Clarity, Focus and Energy You Need to Re-invent the Rewarding, Fulfilling Life and/or Business You’ve Always Wanted.  

No Matter What. At Any Age.


  • Are you successful in so many ways, yet feel a lack of focus and direction and uncertain what to do next?
  • Do you yearn to make more of an impact than you are now, but you barely have “enough” time as it is? 
  • Do you ever experience bouts of fear, uncertainty or inability to confidently make decisions….so you don’t make any?
  • Do you work really hard but still not reach the goals that are so important to you?

These may be signs you are disconnected from your source of zest, vitality and true self.  Let’s re-visit what’s really important to you and re-fuel and fire up!

Whether you are running a fast-paced business or contributing in a different way, being connected to your energy source (or what we call Core Essence™) is essential so you can optimize your unique mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual path.  When you do this, focus, clarity, passion, and fulfillment begin to replace hard work and frustration. 

That’s why we take you through Core Essence first.  Once you see your path, it affects everything from your health and well-being, to your relationships, to success and money. Energy attracts opportunity and connection.

           “Joy is not only a happy experience but a strategy.”

How do you start?  We begin by re-focusing you on a fresh vision of your future that is connected to your inner core, (we have a way of doing this) and then we give you real life strategies to create the new exciting and authentic life and business you desire. 

This is what it means to be fired up and live a life without limits


  • You had a proven process that uncovered your natural born (often unrealized) gifts, talents, skills and assets and gave you the clarity on how you might use them in a new way?
  • You have the help of an experienced strategist to show you how to convert your natural talents into practical possibilities and ventures?
  • You are shown how to create a viable vision that inspires and excites you and gives you the motivation to move forward even with the world in chaos?
  • You have a support group of people like you and a coach/facilitator to guide you in a small personalized group – not a huge online setting – where you get plenty of time to create and explore?



We’ve been helping professionals like you through several recessions, the banking crash of 2008, the shock of 9-11, the upside down world of Covid, and maybe the locusts (who knows what else) with successful results.

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Mary Lyn Miller

Founder, CEO, Author, Coach

I Have Faced Similar Crossroads.

I’m Mary Lyn Miller and for nearly 30 years, I’ve been coaching amazing people like you who are accomplished in many areas but facing a crossroads in your life.

With all of your experiences, you may have thoughts like: “It’s too late to…I’m too old to…I don’t know enough to… I have no idea what I want to…” and more. I’ve been there as well, and you can read my story in “About”.  (When we post it.)

From my experience and that of our thousands of professionals in transition, we developed a multi-pronged program to give you what you need right now: clarity, focus, direction, vision, planning, support, encouraging community, resources and more.

I have faced what you face. There is a way out that is not often discussed. Let me show you how!




Your Fire!

Life is about zest and joy! If you've lost your energy (fire), this is the perfect time to clarify your innermost passions and design for success. Our proprietary assessment, Core Essence™, gives you clarity about your unique personal formula for happiness, fulfillment and an abundant life and will help you create your vision of living with confidence and ease — in any economy!


Your New Life & Beyond Plan

You need a plan, strategies, resources and coaching, and we will help you! Did you know you can make a new plan at ANY age!

We'll look at who you are truly meant to be, what will make you jump-up-and-down happy, and make a plan for it — whether you want to start a business, change careers or make the most of your next 20-30 years.


To Your Spirit, Prosperity & Community

Don't wait for world events to calm down before you get excited about your life! Become a part of our close-knit growth community for support and resources. It’s time to get fired up and enjoy your life and work.

You do not have to do this alone any more!


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