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I’m Mary Lyn Miller and for over 30 years, I’ve been coaching professionals who are facing a crossroads in their lives.  

Transitions are challenging for everyone, especially today because it feels like things are moving faster than ever, and transition requires time.  Yet, I’ve discovered the process of transition has remained pretty much the same, nonetheless. 

One of my major transitions happened after dedicating myself to long hours for a corporate job “with a great future” and suddenly being diagnosed with a very progressed cancer. I was terrified; in one sentence my future was dramatically altered.  

But it made me realize then that I had not been living my life utilizing my true gifts, talents and abilities – not that I was too sure what they were, but I realized my corporate job wasn’t it. It seemed meaningless, and I was completely disconnected from myself (which is why I believe the cancer had progressed so much – I had been numb).  Moreover, what if I never had the chance to discover what I was really here to do? 

By committing myself to (1) discovering and then (2) living in alignment with my true self, over time, everything got much easier.  I also had an amazing full recovery.  While it forced me to face transitions in several areas:  health, career, relationship and spiritual life, I certainly learned a lot about what it takes to not only get through changes, but how to use them to make quantum leaps to living truly exciting, purposeful, and meaningful lives.  

Today it is my passion to share my experience and (and that of so many others) a step- by -step process with you to release you discover your next steps to a more purposeful life.

I am fired up. Not just for your success, but for helping you embrace fire and joy in all phases of your life.

Mary Lyn Miller


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