Are You a Busy Professional Who Sometimes Finds It Hard to Focus? Do You Live in a Constant Buzz of activity, but still not reaching some of your important goals? Do you value the accountability and direction of coaching, yet feel

  • It takes too long to get results
  • It’s too expensive to get personal attention
  • And you just don’t have time!


Structured one to one 30 Minute Coaching Sessions Focused on ONE outcome – FAST

Hi, I’m Mary Lyn Miller, and I’ve been in the coaching industry for over 30 years. When I started, coaching was for basketball, and then entered the “coaching” industry which has blossomed, and changed – it’s become more niched, more group oriented, focused on mastermind groups, online videos, etc. and this is all to the good. I’ve done it all myself.

What has gotten lost is “personal” coaching, and that’s how Quick Coaching was born.  There were some members of one of my groups this past year who I knew would benefit for 1 to 1 attention and so I offered it to them.  Focused, time bound, with accountability.

The results have been amazing – we got results much more quickly …..and, in less time!  And, because it’s micro-focused, there wasn’t any overwhelm in making small changes. 

Here are 2 seasoned clients who have been with me in a variety of programs and their experience since being a part of the Quick Coach approach.

I thought what I needed were “tricks” to productivity, but not only am I getting better results with less effort, I’m getting my life back! We work on one small habit or shift at a time; Mary Lyn is good at finding the “chink” in the armor fast and the smallest changes have shifted my entire worldview. Best of all, I’m no longer carrying that constant “hectic,” energy around me all the time, and it’s a huge relief. Look forward to every meeting.
Julie Goldberg
Real Estate and Sustainable Housing Expert
I have needed paralegal help for over a year and conducted interviews, but no one seemed right; I was busy, frustrated and started Quick Coach with Mary Lyn in October. Slowly, we explored new avenues to find the right one; some avenues didn’t work; but one really did! Every session was devoted to accountability, brainstorming, and taking the next small step – all in 30 minutes; I could always fit it in even as a busy attorney. Within 6 -7 sessions (3 to 3.5 hrs.) I had a new problem: 2 incredibly qualified candidates I was excited to hire, and I wanted both of them. This is really effective!
Erica Stambler
The Stambler Law Office, Business, Trademark & Copyrights

Sound interesting for you?  Register for a No cost Quick Coach™ experience to determine if this might be right for you.

How long will it take?  Exactly 30 Minutes or Less, of course!

Openings are very limited since it is 1 to 1.

Common questions:

1. How is this priced?
I will go over the schedule with you – it is priced by how many sessions you wish to pay for – there are packages with discounts – the more you buy, the less it costs. We look at the scope of what we’re doing first.

2. Do I have to commit to a minimum number of sessions?
No. You can do 1-2 or much longer. You can quit at any time. For it to work the best, you need a problem-solving session and at least one session for accountability.

3. Do you do this on zoom?
No. Lots of reasons. You focus better with no visual distractions, and we’re going to focus. Also, you can come fresh from the shower in a towel – there is no “prep” to look good for the camera. Clients tell me they’re much more relaxed knowing they don’t have to put on any front.

4. What subjects do you cover?
My background is as life and business coach. I work primarily with entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals in transition. I have authored numerous other programs to help people find their purpose, connect with their passions, start new businesses, live with more focus and energy, and create inspiring visions and goals that drive them to the right outcomes. If you’re not fired up, you’re not free.

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Due to the 1 to 1 nature of this, Spots are very limited.

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