Why Am I Stuck?

Why Am I Stuck?

I bet you think I have a quick, snappy catch-all answer!  I wish I did.  (Well, I do have some ideas.)

 I have personally visited this world for myself and moved on many times, and helped a ton of talented clients march through the terrain as well.  Being stuck is a human condition, so there’s nothing wrong with you, but all of us need to get out of it to be happy and prosperous.

So, I’ll try to keep it simple:  we get stuck because our energy and excitement has stalled (or been suffocated.)  It may feel like you’re flailing like when drowning – desperately looking for new ideas to save you before you sink.  You may feel a little panicked about how to fix it.   It’s like going underwater; the more we fight it, the harder it is to stay above the water, and we end up feeling more frustrated and out of control.

Since I see this a lot, I thought I’d share 5 simple steps that have helped others and may help you when you feel like you’re struggling:

  1. STOP!!  NOW!!  If you find yourself thinking the same ideas over and over, you’re just repetitively processing the same negative information. It will never fix it!    So. Stop.  (Hardest part of process.) 
  2.  Reflect. What are you thinking?  Literally. Write it the thoughts that are crushing your idea or direction.  See the thoughts written down.  Something happened. What was it?   What are your repetitive thoughts? What fears are you experiencing?  Get concrete about what you’re really thinking.  By the way, what you think is not a reflection of your possibilities; it is a reflection on what’s keeping you stuck.  Big difference, and important for you to know.
  3. Re-visit.  Don’t try to “fix” anything yet.  Once you’re a little clearer about what’s going on, it’s time to re-visit (or maybe visit for the first time) what is meaningful to you.  What do you love doing?  Ideally, what are your dreams?  What do you want to happen in your life?  Feeling more of a sense of meaning and purpose creates energy.  Allow yourself to get excited even though you have no idea how any of it could happen.
  4. Resource. Start to explore.  What might be your next step? What resources will you need?  Slowly, start to make lists so you can prioritize your steps. You might need support.   Fired Up operates as a community environment – we can do so much more together than we can do alone. That might be a possibility.  We can certainly help you create a new vision of your business, project or future. 
  5. Get Accountable.  Find a colleague, a friend, a group, someone to report to on a regular basis. Accountability is probably one of the single most important keys to success and accomplishment – whether you’re aiming to be a CEO, write a book, or find a mate.  We live in a communal world today, and someone else or a group of someone else’s knowing what you’ve promised yourself, helping you focus on small next steps, are the most enjoyable – (and least painful ways) to get to your goals.

And the best way to get unstuck!!

Can’t think of someone you want to ask for an accountability relationship?  Are you interested in exploring either personal or team accountability?  We do both and have a rockin’ accountability program called “Fired Up Momentum ™.”   You are invited to come and experience it for yourself.  But, first, set a time for a few minutes with me, and I’d be happy to help you find some answers to your unique challenges. 


You don’t have to share your dreams and desires with everyone; just someone.


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