In 90 Minutes or Less

With Mary Lyn Miller

Are you ready to be the superhero in your own life?

Hit your goals this year?

Make more money?

Have more time?

Creating a dynamic vision of this kind of success is a key component of achieving the real life you want – experiencing Health, Happiness, and Financial Well Being. Yet we often struggle to do it. Why?

We don’t know exactly what to do.

It’s often difficult to focus – life is so distracting!

It seems like it will take too much time – and you’re already so busy.

It’s lonely – you’re often trying to do this with no feedback or encouragement.

If this sounds like you, 

Join me for our Annual Vision Workshop

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 – Zoom

Noon – 1:30 – PST
(3:00 – 4:30 EST)

This fast-paced approach will also show 3 shifts that can make you a “super-visioning human,” and offer some simple strategies that will make your efforts “super” powerful and be life-changing over time.

If you want to decide how you really want to live your life this year….

Get focused on what will move you forward…

Experience what your personal success actually “feels” like…

And envision yourself moving into an entirely new reality….

(If you only knew how…)

This is for you!

Connect with others and get ideas and feedback.

Discover the new Power Words for 2024.

Learn how to keep it fresh after the workshop

And More!

Don’t Miss This!

All for $20.24
Spaces are limited.  It’s a workshop, not a webinar!!

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