Whatcha’ going to do when you’re 85?

Whatcha’ going to do when you’re 85?

What!! How could you possibly think about that – it’s Y E A R S away you may be thinking.  I know I’ve had the thought that I may be being fed through a tube if I’m around at all, so why give this any thought?  Not to mention it seems frightening. (It’s suddenly edging closer – not THAT close-but I can see it in the future-cam.)

Or maybe you’re just anxious to get to retirement so you can stop thinking about work! I understand that.

But, think about this: if you “retire” at “full retirement age” (66 and some months), by the time you are 85, it will have been almost 20 years since you’ve worked, more if you retire sooner.  Twenty years of living off savings and investments, maybe not being a part of mainstream society, often disconnected from community. 

One financial advisor told me that most people in decent health today underestimate their life span by 10-15 years. In fact, many people can be retired longer than they worked, so it seems a little more thought might be given this time of life!  Right?  I think so.


We are aging better and longer than ever.  This week actress Jane Fonda is on the cover of People Magazine, Inc talking about her 85th birthday.  At 85, People quotes Fonda as saying she is busier than ever and is “the happiest she has ever been,” starring in 4 films this year.  Despite health problems and hip surgeries and bouts with cancer, the last one being quite recent, she has rallied.  She practices the exercises she preaches, continues working at every opportunity, watches her nutrition and supports causes she believes in.

Yes, she’s Hollywood and has money.  She can be polarizing, but she represents a whole new approach to aging that has nothing to do with a makeover,  but with certain steps to think about for all of us:  take care of yourself and you may live to a surprisingly ripe old age with the ability to contribute significantly to the world and be truly happy and purposeful.

Are you really ready for that personally, emotionally, and financially? From the women and men I talk to, they’re uncertain about what they want to accomplish the rest of their lives because they’ve never thought beyond the “retirement bubble.”  Common response:  “I’m want to retire and travel.”  That’s great – you need a vacation from years of working!  But then what’s the plan for the next 20-30 years? What’s that amazingly positive vision for 85?!  Will you be prepared for it?

Jane is just this week’s idea of aging.  I have found many, many more fascinating stories and  plan to share some with you.  We need to overhaul how we are spending the last 30 years of our lives.

Need some planning help?  Let’s have a conversation because I have some great opportunities for exactly this coming up!  I have spent the past 35 years helping professionals find their options for mid life; this is still mid life planning since we’re living so long – we just didn’t know it was going to last THIS long!!


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