Want more success? It may be time to Re-vitalize!

Want more success? It may be time to Re-vitalize!

Much is said about “re-inventing” our selves or “restructuring our business” for better results, and it is good advice.

But, for me, re-vitalization is where to start.  If you’re uncertain what changes to make, start with what energizes and inspires you.  What makes you want to rip open the sheets in the morning (if you haven’t already because it’s 90 degrees) and jump out of bed because you’re so excited for the day ahead?

In other words, where is there the “life force energy” in your life?  Yes, EVERYONE has the potential for this, but we are so busy in doing, accomplishing, and fixing, we’ve overlooked how we want to “Be.”

I realize Doing vs. Being is an age-old conundrum, and most of us Do because it gives us a sense of control.  But, too much Doing results in a newer problem: workaholism, and I have had to deal with this in some form most of my life.  (FYI you don’t have to be working to experience it; just talk to an overwrought parent.)

Therefore, my personal advice is not to stop being a “Doer” entirely and spend the week in meditation (although not a bad idea), but it’s a too difficult a shift to make.  Rather, choose more activity representing your passions and joys – activities that make you feel more alive!  And do them a lot.  This summer. 

Haven’t had time to figure out what those are or could be?   In case you don’t know me well yet, that’s one of the most popular services I offer, and it’s free to set up time to talk about it – or anything else.   Just click here to have a no obligation chat:  https://calendly.com/firedup/30-minutes

So, enjoy these coming months, and try something new.  Hike a fresh trail. Go to a new place. Take a break.   Feel your heart beat a little faster and breathe a little harder.

Cut back “Doing” life and start to feel “Being” Fully Alive!  

Everything will feel revitalized, and then you can restructure and reinvent all you want!


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