So, tell me, how old are you?

So, tell me, how old are you?

WHAT!!??  You want me to just blurt out how old I am?  For some, this can be as invasive as asking how much money is in your bank account.

How dare you!

In some cultures – Asian and the Mediterranean countries – older citizens are honored and cared for as a source of wisdom. China has an “Elderly Rights Law” actually punishing children who do not stay connected to their parents and care for them as they age.

But, Americans are driven by independence and youth.  American culture also focuses on appearance, so aging becomes a bigger issue. Women not only often have to overcome the glass ceiling due to incorrect perceptions of their abilities, but also stay beautiful doing it.

No wonder it’s a loaded question!

I have spent the past 30+ years helping professional and entrepreneurial clients all over the world find new directions and create motivating visions of their future,  but began to realize that even if you have a life of wild success, aging begins to change the game.  

Especially for women.  We’re tired.  We do not necessarily want to do work we’ve been doing, but it is what has given our life purpose thus far, so it’s hard to figure what else to do.   

We’ve been caring for everyone – children, partners, bosses, etc.   Maybe grandchildren on a part-time basis.  We want to focus on ourselves!

We crave deeper meaning in our lives now; we want to get up excited about our lives every day, living life on our own terms (especially after Covid) because we begin to realize how unexpected and fleeting life can be.

This is our time, and we want to live it to the max!  But, many of us are not too sure how to do that.

We need a new direction, a different path and an exciting new vision. Moreover, we crave support from others like us:  Smart, savvy women (in their late 50’s/60’s + ) who are looking at or experiencing a transition (retirement, job change, move, selling a business, facing a loss, etc.):  smart, accomplished women who are willing to collaborate with other amazing women like themselves.

How do I know all this?  I began interviewing astonishing women in this age group during the pandemic because I believe there are more options and possibilities than we ever dreamed for this demographic, but as individuals we don’t have enough connection and support to do it – and I want to be part of solving that.

I will be finishing the information gathering process before the end of the year, and I would like to extend to you the opportunity to spend 20-30 minutes with me, share your unique perspective and challenges, and discuss what kind of support you need.  It costs nothing; and of course, I will answer as many questions as I can. And, your feedback may help lots of other women.

Interested?  I am interviewing for a limited time, so here are my openings. Booking calendar:

If a space is booked, send an e-mail to and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.   

Hope we get to talk!


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