No Matter How Hard the Past, You Can Always Begin Again

No Matter How Hard the Past, You Can Always Begin Again

No Matter How Hard the Past, You Can Always Begin Again


Welcome to 2022!   

This year I have heard that given the past 2.5 years, some are feeling a little less hopeful about the future, but according to a group of 28 historians, not only don’t our present difficulties rank that high in history, they continue to prove something amazing: Humans are remarkably resilient.

In fact, we have risen above fires, floods, droughts, plagues and world wars without hot and cold running water, heat, air conditioning, Netflix, or Zoom!  How is that possible?  Because it is in challenge that human beings find their strength.  We have a rare quality most powerful among all living things: we can adapt.   

According the Jake Fredricks, History professor at Lawrence University, “Humans are seasoned veterans in dealing with disaster. They are spectacularly adaptable.  You can put them in any environment, and they will simply endure.”  

Apparently, the Buddha got the same message with his comment: “no matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.”  I too believe, no matter what the difficulty, the human spirit is designed for resilience and forward movement.  With support, you can always move on. That is the human condition.

Where to begin your journey of greater hope?  Tapping into your own personal Resilience and  Vision is the beginning.  Getting in touch with your personal inner fire. This is pretty much what my practice has been about for over 30 years – helping clients move from one state of being to another:  confusion to clarity,  difficulty to ease; struggle to success; and uncertainty to direction.  

If you are ready for a shift and want to “begin again,” I am offering just a very few Personal 1 to 1 Breakthrough Vision Coaching Sessions which will include materials, exercise, and 1 hour visioning sessions to help you get a jumpstart on the shift you want to attain for only $97.  I do this very rarely, as most of you know.  Just register here and receive the materials right away and make an appointment on my calendar!

Let’s all have a collective vision of a much better year and change the world!


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