The Art of Scaling Back

The Art of Scaling Back

What! Scale back?  Isn’t success a constant trajectory of accomplishing MORE?  Now that we are hoping for the possibility of Covid recovery, aren’t we supposed to be ramping up now?  

Why is it some of us don’t FEEL like ramping up?

For instance, despite having an outgoing personality and loving people, after 2 years of losing friends to this virus, having to be vigilant about my surroundings, staying separate from loved ones, and adjusting to business by Zoom, I’m still feeling it’s a little safer to be insulated.   It’s quite a journey to suddenly be expected to dynamically push forward. 

And, too little is said about the importance of “Scaling back” as a strategy.  Many of us have had to do it for financial reasons, but it has emotional repercussions.  Enforced scaling back by the Pandemic shifted values for many, and we began to realize how hard we were pushing.  Thus, for many, “scaling back” resulted in job change, more family time, better health habits, new books, fresh perspectives, and a boatload of streaming tv.  We had the space to reflect. We may have discovered less is actually more.

Now the great hope is that we will return to “normal,” but like me, you may be wondering if this idea is all that attractive.  I want to stay scaled back to some degree because it is a better life for me – and my clients.  If you’re thinking about this too, it’s time to re-evaluate!!   What do you REALLY want to do with your life?  What do you want to be remembered for?  What would be the fullest expression of who you are expending the least amount of energy? What is your true purpose? Do you really want to continue working full time?  Or at all? What are your options?  

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, consider setting up some time on my calendar for a free conversation with me because you are not alone, and I have some great tools that can help you through this transition!

The more scaled back you are, the more fired up you can be!


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