3 Phases of Coping with Changing World

3 Phases of Coping with Changing World

“And Just Like That” the world shifted with the invasion of the Ukraine.  Sudden. Dramatic. Horrifying.   

This didn’t just happen to Carrie Bradshaw and friends of Sex and the City fame; it’s happened to the whole world.

How are you coping?  As a coach who helps my clients through a variety of transitions (mostly focused on work, career and business) I think there are some parallels that might be helpful.  The most important thing I want you to know is that everything changes all the time.  This, too, will morph into something else.  So, all you control freaks (like me), you gotta’ relax!!

1. The first reaction to any major change is shock: be it world events, the Pandemic, losing a job or losing a client. Suddenly you are catapulted into a different and uncomfortable reality.  You worry; you stress. What’s going to happen? It is not a time for any kind of rash decisions, as much as that’s exactly what you want to do to escape these feelings.  Unfortunately, actions taken at this stage don’t usually go well.

What to do:  Take a breath – many breaths.  Understand this is normal.  Perform as many of your comforting routines you can.  It will help ground you.  Meditation, journaling, talking to friends and praying for peace is often helpful during this time. For instance, during the early part of the Pandemic, I got up every morning, brushed my teeth and put on light makeup.  It made me feel normal in my abnormal world. People laughed at me, but later research revealed that those who maintained some of the same routines emotionally fared better. I suggest that for you as well.

2. The mid part of a transition can be difficult, but there are things that brighten it considerably. You may have to come to grips with the change and are in the awkward position of having to let go without knowing what happens next.  The truth is we only want to let go when we are completely assured of what the other side has to offer, but it just doesn’t work like that. 

What to do: This is an amazing time to reconnect with more meaning and purpose in your life. My successful clients take classes, get involved in self-exploration, and get in various masterminds and support groups to stay open to possibilities.  This is when I see a lot of my clients and go through our trademarked Core Essence™ system.  Focusing this way can accelerate getting through this period and help you slowly start that business, find that job, make that move you have always been so afraid to do.

3. The last part is so subtle you barely know to celebrate it.  You’ve overcome the angst of the shock, found yourself in a new and different way and may be headed in a much happier direction, but it’s so slow and organic, it’s hard to identify.  You had a life-changing conversation with someone at your aunt’s house, and because of the work you’ve done, were ready to hear what they had to offer!  Or you picked up a book that has been on your shelf for years, but now it’s meaningful and changes you forever!  Doors suddenly opened and opportunities appeared.  It’s a great period, and most of us are not sure how we got there.

What to do:  Celebrate your life every day and keep a daily gratitude list knowing it will hold you in good stead, because, for sure another transition will come your way – but you have some skills to deal with it now!


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