Do you have Post Pandemic PTSD?

Do you have Post Pandemic PTSD?

Are you feeling uncertain about the future?   Do you wish the world would just stop for a minute so you could get your bearings?  Do you feel like you’ve missed the memo on what do next? Does everything feel a little scarier than it did a little while ago?  Are you desperate to connect, but also find it a little overwhelming?

Welcome to Post Pandemic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)  These are my words – I don’t think there’s really an official malady named this, but from what I can see, just about everyone I’ve talked to has some form of it, including me.   Therefore, I would guess that we now have a pandemic of “post pandemic PTSD.”  (I find this amusing.)

After 35 years of working with professionals and entrepreneurs deal with all kinds of “transitions” – from job change to new career development to starting new businesses to retiring from it all – all focused on living more passionate, purposeful lives, you’d think I’d have a magic bullet.

And, I kind of do, but it’s not as dramatic as you might think, but no less powerful.

It’s “gathering.”  (And sharing.)

We have been isolated in so many ways – from our friends, families, work partners, loved ones, and collaborators.  We have been alerted over the past 2.5 years to be fearful of friends who made different choices, leaving all of us feeling more isolated.  Meanwhile, technology has been replacing basic operations of our lives from food delivery, finances, education, etc.\

It’s time to gather and share.

For over 20 years and through the Pandemic I have been conducting a variety of groups and coaching simultaneously and found it to be a universal healing balm.

  • “Fired Up” Masterminds for personal/business development
  • “Verve” focused on transitions and re-inventions of accomplished females 60+
  • “Transition” Support groups
  • Also 1 to 1 coaching/ Discovering who you are and what you are meant to do NOW.
  • Workshop: “Transition Isn’t What It Used to Be: The 5 Pillars of Hope”

These groups give you an opportunity to explore a variety of subjects in a safe environment – no negative feedback is allowed – to laugh together about the truth – and to have some sense of accountability – people who know what we are supposed to be doing (without judgment.)  More info on

If you too want to find a place to “gather” and share, let’s chat and land you in exactly the right place based on your needs while I still have some openings.  You can reach me at or book a free 30 minute session at  

Let’s hang out together and get fired up!!


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