5 Minutes for a Better 2023

5 Minutes for a Better 2023

As we head into a spanking clean new year which we fill with new visions and goals, it’s easy to lose sight of what just happened the past 12 months.

I always suggest making a list of all kinds of accomplishments at the end of each year, but you might agree that it’s harder than it sounds. We may think it’s going to take too much time (you don’t have) and it sounds hard, so while “intend” to do it, only a very small percentage of people do.

But, if you don’t feel good about this year, new ideas aren’t going to fix it the next year.  No matter what happened, you are not coming to the New Year as an empty cup that needs filling.  You’ve learned new things, faced different challenges, and grown a lot – and these experiences are the bedrock your coming year.  You can feel good.

“Come Blow Your Horn” is the Fired-Up version, of a 5 Minute Review and I bet it might trigger a few accomplishments that you would have never come up with on your own.

And you can do most of it while waiting in line for your Starbucks!


Get started here today:


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