Retirement is a Terrible Word

Retirement is a Terrible Word

I bet you’re a smart, capable, experienced, professional.  You’ve been through so much and have gained valuable knowledge and wisdom.

But you’re tired of the stress; you are at a point where you want more personal time and freedom.

So, you may be thinking it might be time to retire.

As a professional who has spent the past 35 years coaching clients through climbing corporate ladders, creating their own businesses, and am now talking with clients grappling with this time of life, I offer some thoughts that I am sure you may be surprised to hear.

Don’t Ever Retire!

Why?  Isn’t this what we aspire to do as part of the American dream?  I am not saying “Don’t do something different.”   I am not saying you shouldn’t leave your job with the most benefits possible or take more time for yourself.  I am saying it’s time to reframe this last 30 years into a time of freedom, passion, financial stability, and active participation in SOMETHING you truly care about doing.  It may be volunteer work, it may be politics, it may be community service.  It can also be having small business that you love and/or a flexible work situation. 

The Word “Retire” Means “Dis-engage”

As I said, “Retirement” is a terrible word.  What does “Retirement” mean literally?  Synonyms are words like “exit, withdraw, disengage,” and even “disappear.”  If you’ve been working a good portion of your life making many contributions along the way, you just might not be ready to “disappear”.  The nightmare of aging. Also, if you’re a woman who, like many of my clients as well as myself, have worked hard for visibility, we do not want to spend the last 30 years of our lives, becoming more invisible.

Moreover, isn’t it just too soon to waste all your knowledge?   Don’t you still have ideas and dreams that have not yet come to pass and are lying in wait for you to express?

And, Then, There’s the Money

The truth is we are healthier, living longer, and will have to keep supporting ourselves for way longer than we expected.  We also need to stay stimulated but, then we have more to offer.  

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while – and I am NOT retiring – and last summer I wrote a very short e-book is entitled:

“The Women’s Retirement Revolution: 7 Secrets for High Performing Women to Live Passionately, Purposely and Free- for Life”

This is focused on women, but the retirement issue affects men as well today, but somewhat differently.  That’s another subject.  Love your feedback or personal perspective.  Send to my e-mail:


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