3 Secrets To Less Stress And More Success

3 Secrets To Less Stress And More Success

Have you ever noticed how we all have the same 24 hours to get things done and live our lives, but it just seems easier and less stressful for some people?  This affects everyone, of course, but seems especially difficult for business owners.  So, here are 3 simple things I have learned that have helped me ditch the stress and accomplish more. 

1)  PRIORITIZE.  This does not mean just prioritizing work projects and what’s on your desk.  Prioritize your life!    Include time for the gym, family, Sunday dinner, church, vacation – whatever is important outside of work.  Maybe you’re nervous about taking our eyes “off the ball” for fear you will lose money or clients and so days are completely scheduled for work with no joyful activities on our calendar – anywhere!  We tell ourselves we “don’t have time.” No, we don’t MAKE time.

But here’s the kicker: if you have more balance, you will be more efficient at work, the work you do will be higher quality, you will be less exhausted, and your business will thrive. TAKE the time for the important things outside of work, and you will be surprised how positively it can affect your bottom line.   

2)  DELEGATE.  Many think they can’t delegate because they can’t afford it, and it is often a control issue, but I have found that clients are confused about finding who they can delegate TO!  Also, delegating does not necessarily mean adding a ton of staff.  In fact, today we are fortunate to have the option of “virtual assistants.”  Yes, but where do you get those?  

Aren’t you lucky!  For the past several years I have worked with a virtual assistant organization known as Buying Time™.   They offer a broad band of assistants who are pros in social media, administration, writing, graphics, web design, technology and way more.  Today I figured out what I need NOW; if I need something else, they can usually accommodate.  Not only do I use them, but I recommend them to my clients – and now to YOU!  

Think of everything you hate to do but MUST do – what if SOMEONE ELSE WOULD DO IT FASTER AND BETTER?  How much more could you get done?  A lot.  The more you delegate, the money you make.  This is the biggest, most important move my clients have made that changed their lives.  Start making notes where someone else could do the tasks you do or where you could expand your services using other professionals and end the stress!  I recommend setting up a consultation with Buying Time today just to see how they can help.  

3)   TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  Many professionals do not know what to do with themselves if they stop working like maniacs.  It is not unusual for many of us to lack the skills of ongoing physical fitness, personal growth, connection to family, contribution to the community, or commitment to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.  These are the skills I personally believe are crucial to real success in life. Taking care of yourself is a critical personal responsibility.  Eating properly, getting sleep and exercise, feeling good and having fun is an absolute necessity if you want to make money.

Of course, there are more, but these three are pretty darned important. Got other thoughts? Be sure to let me know at mlm@firedupforsuccess.com.   Meanwhile, remember, you are not a victim of some mysterious time-robber.  Every minute of every day you make decisions as to what you are going to CHOOSE to do with your time, and for what you TAKE your time.


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