What’s Your Algorithm?

What’s Your Algorithm?

Recently an acquaintance told me she was so frustrated with the internet because all she saw was bad news, and then recounted a list of murders, robberies, and horror stories.  I was depressed within 2 minutes – maybe less!

“And, worst of all,” she said, “that’s the only news there is.”  

This is not true, although I know it feels that way.   This is a classic example of the basic spiritual principle “What You Focus on Expands.”  It used to be a vague self-help concept, but today we have a true life example of it from our internet algorithm which is simply “whatever you look at, the internet will give you more of it.”

For instance, if you start looking at cat videos, you will suddenly find yourself awash in more cat videos. Your focus becomes your future. If we’re unhappy with what we are receiving, give it something else to send you.  This is how you have some control. 

But this also applies to your “Life Algorithm.”  Do you ever get caught up in visualizing “lack?”  Maybe you focus on money problems, fear of the future, difficulty with work or relationships.  The more you think about these problems, the more prominent they seem to be.  How do you change this?

You need to feed new ideas into your personal algorithm. Since what you focus on expands, start by re-focusing on gratitude for what you do have, seeing the abundance already around you; expressing love for family, friends, and what you loved about breakfast.  Breakfast is good because starting small is not only easier, it starts to make us aware of the gifts we continually overlook.  I try to be grateful for the 5 things that I noticed TODAY.  It keeps me very focused on the small, amazing gifts I rarely acknowledge.

This is a perfect beginning to the Thanksgiving holiday. I am so grateful you open my mail and appreciate all those who have responded over time. It means a lot, and I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

To help you adjust your “algorithm,” here are 2 resources:

If you’d like to undertake a “Feeds Reboot” on your internet, here is a free process to do that by David Pierce, Tech reporter, athttps://www.theverge.com/23191292/control-social-algorithms-feeds-reboot-how-to

But, if you need help with your “Life Algorithm,” here is a link to talk with ME!  Here’s a link to my 30 minute “Quick Coach” that is my gift to you this holiday season!


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